Posted by: kevintessa | July 6, 2008

a vision of citizenship

An MSNBC article popped up on my computer this week titled “Could you pass the latest citizenship test?” and I just had to check it out. You might enjoy that, too: I know my own adeptness (or lack of) in American history and I take glad comfort in knowing that I’ll never have to pass that test to receive my American citizenship. Being born into my citizenship is a gift that I am grateful for, especially as I consider that I’ll never have to master that exam in order to stay here! Yikes!


I got to thinking about that and quickly came to find solace in my greater citizenship. As a believer, a Christ-follower, a child of God by his grace, I will never have to pass a test in order to earn a place and stay in His Kingdom. It’s a good thing! I can’t help but think of the man born blind from birth in the book of John, chapter 9. The Pharisees are taken aback by the whole story that standing before them is quite visibly a man who was truly blind and who now explains that Jesus healed him. They offer him a line of questioning about Jesus that the healed man cannot answer. Once enough dismay and disbelief have transpired, the man says about our Healer, “Look! I can’t tell you all about Jesus – his age, his favorite color, his hobbies, his family history, his favorite food! What I can tell you is that I was completely blind and now I can see!”


I’ve felt like that man plenty of times! There’s so much I don’t yet know and am loving to discover as the Lord unfolds Himself to me through scripture. My testimony is much like the healed man’s. I could never pass a Kingdom citizenship test but what I can tell you is that I once was blind and now I see!





  1. 19 out of 20….God Bless America!

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