Posted by: kevintessa | July 22, 2008

july 22

Today we celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in the very place we met as 15 year olds, had our first date as 18 year olds, and married as 22 year olds … just wanted to share it with you! We are more in love with each other as time passes which only makes us anticipate what’s next. We just cannot believe the way that God created us to complement each other as we do and we just have to say … there is nothing like this!



  1. Congratulations.

  2. Happy Anniversary! We love you both very much!

  3. I got your email and decided to look at the fish bowl. Congratulations to two very dear people. Miss you and kids. Will see you soon. love carolyn mc

  4. wow…I don’t know what is more amazing…the fact that you guys have been married for 13 years or that Carolyn Mc figured out how to (a) find the fishbowl and (b) post a comment. Miracles…both. Congrats you guys…see you soon. Mike

  5. We had received an email from a friend and I noticed your name at the bottom with your website. Thanks for your wonderful story and a look at your family pictures. Congratulations on your Anniversary. David and Kathryn will soon be married 4 years and have 1 precious daughter Virginia Elyse now 19 months old. Blessings to you!

  6. Greetings to the Spurgeons!!

    Thank you for your kind words. Hope all is well with you. Tell David and his family we said hello!

    kevin & tessa

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