Posted by: kevintessa | August 17, 2008

under construction

A few years ago, Kevin and I woke up to find that the main streets surrounding our Lubbock neighborhood were under construction. Seemingly overnight, up popped detour signs all over the place, bright orange cones blocking pathways, concrete walls dividing passages, work crews holding “SLOW” and “STOP” signs, and lots of frustrated drivers who had been inconvenienced as they found themselves taking the long way around just to get to their own homes.

Sometimes, being under construction is like that, isn’t it? I’m sure that you, like me, have found that our God is One who seems to like us under construction. One year ago, Kevin and I woke up one morning to find that we were newly under some major construction, some dividers had been positioned, some neon signs had been flashed, some crews had taken a stand in our pathways, and we found ourselves on a new path – one that seemed to take us the long way around just to get Home. Those of you who know our story may better understand the symbolism that I’m using. For those of you who don’t, would you do me the honor of checking back real soon?

We’ve been under construction and everything in our lives is not what it was one year ago. To HIM be all glory, honor, and praise! We’re under construction and we can’t wait to begin sharing it with you!




  1. How soon is “real soon”? I have stopped by three times today already. Perhaps I am a bit too excited to hear what God is doing in your lives (?)!!!

  2. Glad to see you are back to writing!

  3. Uh oh! “Real soon” is relative, isn’t it? Considering that we hopped off one ride just a year ago and jumped onto another, we have so much to tell. The scenery is different, the passengers are different, the sights are different, and we are different. Exactly how to articulate that is a challenge. Where to begin is even more challenging. Sorry we’re slow to get started…it won’t be long. We’re just thrilled you’re in it with us!

  4. been praying for you both. glad to hear that things are well with you. give me a shout sometime soon Kev.

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